When we decided to build our home, we couldn’t have chosen a better builder than Kerry Condon and Vintage Homes.

– Mark and Bridget Robbins

Having raised our two daughters in the same home for 27 years, we were a bit anxious about building a new house. We wanted to ensure that our new home was a place that we could comfortably create new memories, while still honoring our desire for the spacious beautiful home that we envisioned. Our decision to build with Kerry Condon of Vintage Homes was an enjoyable experience that guaranteed that our desires for our new home became a reality.

We were able to communicate our desires and visions for our home with Kerry who then devoted a great deal of time and energy into getting each of our decisions just right. His dedication to his homes doesn’t end when the house is finished, his sense of ownership continues still, six years later. In addition to his being a master craftsman as a builder and his professionalism, it is this dedication and commitment to his customers’ satisfaction that lead us to recommend Kerry Condon and Vintage Homes to others in our community. Vintage Homes doesn’t just construct houses they build homes.

– Bob and Donna Hughes

We have been very happy with our decision to work with Kerry Condon of Vintage Homes. Kerry worked with us from scratch, helping us to design the layout of our home. We found that he has a tremendous knowledge of exactly what would and wouldn’t work with square footage and budget. He was extremely helpful and available in every step of the process, which we greatly appreciated. Whenever we had questions about how things would look or we asked for his opinion, he was always there to help. Kerry has a great eye and helped us make many decisions about the design of our home. He worked hard to learn what we were trying to achieve, and then implemented that.

Since we’ve been in our house we have been extremely pleased with Kerry’s response whenever an issue arises. He is prompt and thorough. His attention to detail and his desire for perfection are qualities that we found to be so wonderful in the building process. With Kerry’s help, we were able to turn our dreams into a beautiful home for our family, and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

– Ryan and Erin Dolan

We’ve been in our new home for over four years and we’re still in awe of how great it all turned out. My wife and I expected that building a home was going to be a difficult and intimidating process. We were warned that the cost and time would take far more than would be expected. Dealing with Kerry Condon and Vintage Homes dissolved those fears. We found the building process low stress and the project was completed early and on budget.

After our home was completed Kerry remained in contact with us over the last four years making sure we were completely happy with our home. Vintage Homes builds a quality custom home and stands behind it 100%.

– Dan and Tiffany Jaros

When you walk into a Vintage Home, the attention to detail and high quality materials are easily discernible. Speak to the owner of Vintage Homes, and his personal pride in providing an outstanding home is clearly visible. But it’s living in the home that truly demonstrates the exceptional service level and quality of construction. Vintage Homes personnel are there for you the day you purchase your home, there for you during the building warranty period, and there for you long afterwards. It’s rare to find a company that over-delivers each and every time. Having experienced owning a Vintage Home ourselves, we cannot speak highly enough of the constant care, service and attention we have received. This is the type of builder that buyers seek and often don’t find. We can’t thank Kerry and his crew enough for all they have done.

– Mark and Michelle Stochl

When I decided to build a new home I am glad I picked you. As a business owner and a bachelor, the last thing I have time for is the worries that go along with construction. With remodels and business projects there have always seemed to have been obstacles and problems. I am pleased to say that with the construction of my home, I had neither. Kerry you and your team at Vintage helped me thru the entire project and knew which things to just handle and when to get me involved. I don’t have time to pick out door knobs but I do know what I want for my TV room. My home is everything I ever wanted and I am amazed by the number of people who comment on the style and quality. I could have chosen anyone when it came to building but as the more I looked the more one name kept coming up – Vintage Homes.

– Kerry Beyer

As General Manager of a Lexus Dealership I understand the importance of customer satisfaction and how difficult it is to continually please demanding customers. Because of that Linda and I felt it was important to thank you for the experience we had with the building of our new home.

Never having built a home before, everyone told us of the pain and heartache we would have. They even said we would want a divorce by then end of it. We would be over budget and behind schedule. Some friends of ours that were just finishing building (with a different builder) continually told us of the issues they had and how miserable it was. I am thankful to say none of those worries occurred. It actually was a great experience that our whole family enjoyed and would do again. (If we didn’t love our home so much.) You and your team made it easy and enjoyable. Your insight and ideas made us a home that truly feels custom made for our family. Everyone from the painter to the plumber made us feel like we mattered. You always listened and responded to our crazy and sometime late night requests. We would recommend building a new home to anyone, but recommend Vintage Homes even more. The more I talk to other people that built new homes the more thankful we are that we chose you.

Thank you for our new home and making our dreams and visions become a reality.

– Todd and Linda Hopkins

Working with Vintage Homes was truly a great experience from start to finish. Kerry and his staff were efficient, professional and very helpful in every aspect of building my dream home.

– Dr. Kevin Solis

I’m writing to express my strong support in the construction of my dream house that was built by Vintage Homes; the company has taken into consideration all the details in the drawing from Kerry Condon to fulfill my dream. The home was built of the highest standards to cater to handicapped persons. The bathroom requires a wider door unit of about 36” for wheelchair access, shower grab bars and seats to provide support. Prefabricated, fiberglass/ acrylic roll-in shower will be put on the floor. Although a swing away door hinge will increase the door width by 2” it will give you a larger doorway for wheelchair and walker access. Handles will be put on every door in the house for easy opening.

The special windows from Pella with built in blinds were put on every window to satisfy my dream. There is a large wash area off the garage which will enable you to bring in groceries, place coats and boots easily as you enter the house. Kerry Condon who is an owner/ operator of Vintage Home gives out a calendar with dates. In the calendar, you will pick out things like lighting fixtures, flooring, plumbing and any other detail you want included in your house.

Kerry has given wonderful customer assistance when questions or problems come up, he gets right to the problem. If you need further assistance, please contact Kerry Condon who is not only the owner of Vintage Home but also a smart and loyal businessman.

– Sheila Engel